Tandem printing an edition of 220 posters with members of Christy Wykoff’s Advanced Silkscreen class during Gestures of Resistance, an exhibition and residency at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, 2010.

Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts

Book Works

Contemporary Issues in Craft Theory

Personal Publication

Senior Projects and Interdisciplinary Critique

Graduate Program in Fine Arts

OCAD University and University of Western Ontario (2012-2017)

Making Gender: LGBTQ Studio, Nano Publishing, Book Arts, Photography: Book Works, Image and Text, Professional Practice for Printmakers, Contemporary Issues: Art Today in Criticism and Curatorial Practice, Special Topic in Art History: Queer Geographies on Screen, Drawing Explorations

Queer Publishing Project founder and faculty mentor

California College of Art (as Viola Frey Visiting Artist/Scholar, 2012)

Studio Seminar in Craft and Feminist Methods, Craft Theory: Contemporary Issues

Gallery of student work