COMEDOWN / Sunrise Ceremony

page spread from "Comedown - Sunrise Ceremony" book that shows a series of images fragmented in a grid with white spaces, and text overtop that reads "Capitalism is carving time into smaller and smaller pieces."
Comedown / Sunrise Ceremony, 2019, Anthea Black and Mikiki, page spreads from limited edition artist book featuring performance documentation and critical essay, co-published with Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven.

COMEDOWN – Sunrise Ceremony
The Sunrise Ceremony was presented by the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven.

The performance begins at 6:03 am to break with chrononormative displays of public culture. This period of the day directly preceding the dawn is known as “civil twilight.” Notions of civility and time often dictate individual and collective behaviour within public spaces of the street, the dance floor, and the museum. Gabber shows us that each social body lives by its own, often unspoken codes and timescales. By coming down at the museum after the party, but before productive daily life is typically thought to begin stirring, the artists ritualize their work outside of normal museum hours. It’s uncertain who will see it.

A textile project by Black and Mikiki frames the scene in the north facing bay-window and balcony of the Van Abbe Museum overlooking the river. The textile depicts visual and perceptual interpretation of Gabber jacket patterns, party crowds, and Van Abbe collection pieces that depict public gatherings and will be installed for the duration of the symposium. 

Sonic Event
Anthea & Mikiki will present a maximalist soundscape meditation/embodied visualization exercise in the auditorium of Van Abbe as a reflection of and extension of their research on politics of Gabber aesthetics. The sound project would be presented immediately in after the symposium’s ‘party’ to create a meditation on the history of Gabber as creation of ecstatic group event, in relation to other sonic cultural events.

Launch of a limited edition print work that responds the history of gabber party flyers, aesthetic investigations of the tract suit uniform’s imagery and the politics of belonging will coincide with the sound presentation.

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