The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism


The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art + Activism, Issue 1: Criminalization-Medicalization, Issue 2: Mentor-Mother, Issue 3: Sex-Pleasure, Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread, artist newspaper, 24-pages, published in an edition of 1500 copies.

The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism is a limited edition art newspaper focusing on global grassroots HIV art and cultural production. Artists have and continue to play a fundamental role in shaping broader societal understandings of HIV and working within communities that are most impacted by the virus: queer and trans people, people who use drugs, sex workers, people of colour, and indigenous peoples. Together we reflect the immediacy and urgency of global HIV/AIDS dialogues as well as their historical continuities.

The HIV Howler is a forum for dialogue, a demand for aesthetic self-determination, a response to tokenism, and a guide to navigating the vibrational ambiguities between policy, pathology, and community.


Publishers + Editors

Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread

Editorial Advisory Committee

Anthea Black, Theodore Kerr, Charles Long, Kairon Liu, Mikiki, Darien Taylor, L’Orangelis Thomas, and Jessica Whitbread.


We gratefully acknowledge the founding support of the Toronto Arts Council, and project support from the SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art for Issue 4.

Issue 4 Partner

LOOSELY ASSEMBLED / ASSEMBLAGES SOUPLES exhibition, curated by Danielle St. Amour at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada, July 1 – August 31, 2019.

Distribution Partners

Art Metropole (Toronto), Visual AIDS and Printed Matter (New York), Curatorial Research Bureau at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco) Hello Gorgeous magazine and San Serriffe (Amsterdam). Contact us if you’d like to become a HIV Howler distribution partner.



About anthea black

Artist, writer, cultural worker.