Two Fold: twice as great or as numerous


Two Fold: twice as great or as numerous, Anthea Black and Thea Yabut, Binding by Anthea Black, Cut Somerset book paper, 2016-2017. (partial section)

Two fold is a wall-mounted accordion book that consists of 84 cut-paper panels. A collaboration between Black and Thea Yabut, Two fold begins with their ongoing “mirror drawing” studio game, and their practice of using scissors and knives as a drawing tool. Working from the centre and cutting outwards, the pair creates a third inner space that exists at the meeting point between two pages, echoing Homi Bhabha’s idea of the third space as an iterative, continuously expanding code.

The accordion book binding method and installation, devised by Anthea Black, allows each page to hover seamlessly on the gallery wall.


About anthea black

Artist, writer, cultural worker.
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