NO PLACE: Queer Geographies on Screen


NO PLACE: Queer Geographies on Screen, curated by Anthea Black, presented by Small Projects, Tromsø Norway. Image Credit: Deirdre Logue, courtesy of Vtape, Toronto.

NO PLACE: Queer Geographies on Screen is a touring exhibition program that features the work of Canadian and international queer and trans-identified artists who examine ways in which queer notions of place, mapping, and geography are realized on screen. The works address the complex intersections of culture, orientation and geography, and together, they articulate queerness as “simultaneously everywhere and nowhere”, echoing the dual meaning of utopia as both an ideal and non-existent place. The artists deal with issues such as migration, displacement, queer assimilation, and spatial politics. In some instances, the medium and mechanics of film and video itself becomes the subject of the work. The queerly re-embodied camera may be understood, for example, as an “orientation device” that documents the artist’s position in relation to physical space.

NO PLACE: Queer Geographies on Screen has included work by: Sharlene Bamboat, Kajsa Dahlberg, James Diamond, Vanessa Dion-Fletcher, Ali El-Darsa, Elle Flanders and Tamira Zawatzky, Richard Fung, Dara Gellman and Leslie Peters, Guillermo Gómez, Peña and Gustavo Vazquez, Noam Gonick, Deirdre Logue, Mikiki, Elin øyen Vister, A.L. Steiner and robbinschilds, and b.h. Yael.

Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway, August 24 – September 22, 2o14.

This new presentation of NO PLACE for Small Projects presents film, video and sound works of 12 Canadian and international queer and transgender artists, with a focus on representations of islands, temporary residences, and movement between spaces to examine notions of self-determination, nomadism, sovereignty, and occupation. Their works link orientation with spatial politics in such geographically distant places as the West Bank of Palestine, the small community of Pangnirtung in Nunavut, Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Røst islands, Norway. The Tromsø exhibition is accompanied by a new two-part curatorial text: WE ARE NOT ISLANDS: on doing Queer Geographies from here / A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS: a long-form territorial acknowledgement.

Doubt It talk series at n/a, Oakland, California, May 4, 2014.

Curator Anthea Black presents a short selection of works from the project at the Doubt It talk series, curated by KM Mooney and hosted by Nicholas Sung at n/a artspace.

Meeting Places/Lieu de Rencontre International Conference, St Mary’s University, Sackville, New Brunswick, September 2013.

Curator Anthea Black presents “Queer Geographies and spatial politics,” a talk on the curatorial premise of NO PLACE as part of a panel chaired by Darrel Vargas.

The McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario, April 3, 2012.

The first presentation of NO PLACE, accompanied by the launch of a 36-page colour catalogue with curatorial essay, artist bios and descriptions of each work.

Thank you to all of the artists, James Patten, Director/Curator at the McIntosh Gallery, Christine Sprengler, Jamelie Hassan, and Wanda Vanderstoop, Kaherawaks Thompson, Mark Pellegrino, Erik Martinson, and Deirdre Logue at Vtape, Calder Harben, Tanya Busse and Jet Pascua at Small Projects Gallery, KM Mooney, Nicholas Sung at n/a Artspace.

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