Our dream for a world where transmutation of the ephemeral and impermanent self is possible. Beyond space and time. Returning to the sites of tragedy, an homage to those we’ve lost. Ghosts who haunt the living with a message of interdimensional love. ASHES TO ASHES, GLITTER TO GLORY!

In loving memory of Jasmine Valentina Herron.


GLITTER BIKE RIDE (collaboration with Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray), 2010-11. Single channel video projection and performance ephemera: bicycles, spray paint, hologram fabric, mirror, glitter installed as part of PopSex!

The Glittertwins are: Anthea Black and Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray. Production credits and thank yous: Danielle Gotel (wardrobe), Brandon Blommaert (camera), AA Bronson and the Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice, Union Theological Seminary, Amanda Langford, LIT cosmetics, Jamie Tognazzini, Ellen, Jesse, and the Street Memorial Project members, New York, MA Brooks, and Caitlin Sweet.

The Glittertwins are the reincarnations of Anthea Black and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray as twinned trans-dimensional queens, united in inter-galactic love. They performed Glitter Bike Ride in New York City and the resulting work was part of PopSex! Science, History, Culture, Art, an exhibition of contemporary reactions to Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science (Berlin 1919-1933). The Glittertwins appeared at DIRT STAR and various other locations as part of the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco in 2011. As individual artists and cultural workers they both work within artist-run culture and public spaces to queer shit up.

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